Mark, here is a reply I got from the author of the book on Bob Thorpe.  Disregard the comments and download the attachments, especially the "Broken Trust" one.

More later


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Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 7:39:26 AM GMT -06:00 US/Canada Central
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Dear Lew:
I got home too late to call you last night. I should have told you this before, but I have been fighting a health problem. I thought my prostate dancer had bneen resolved in 2000, but it returned a few months ago and I have been underoing radiaiton and chemotherapy. I have not informed my daughters of the problem, so I would like to keep it between us. Meanwhile, the frustration with the screenplay continues. the overall reaction seems to be positive, but no one has offered a contract yet. We just have to keep plugging away.
Here is the informaiton you need. You can use it anyway you want.
Thanks for your patience.
Ken Dooley

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Subject: Favor Needed

Ken, I need a favor.  Comcast has automatically changed the format of my emails.  And it's giving me fits trying to get used to it.  In doing so somehow they destroyed some of the emails from you that I was saving.  If it is not too much trouble I would like foryou to send me attachments containing the chapters of the Broken Trust book.  I would like to have them before the reunion on October 23rd.  If there is any other info you want me to take to the reunion let me know.

Sorry about this.