During the creating of the book, we received many photos - mostly from Mary Morgan Martin of the 39th FS activities during WWII. Unfortunately, we were not able to include each of the photos in the book. Therefore, we have set up this photo gallery to accommodate most of them.
2nd Lt. Robert Thorpe
Robert Thorpe

Ken Dooley and Gill Thorpe

Robert Thorpe Memorial
39th Fighter Squadron photos
Ch_02 P-38 Taking Off, Schwimmer

CH_03 Village, Port Moresby, NG

Ch_03 P-38s Arrive AUS - 28 May42
Ch_03 39th PS At Selfridge AAB
- Early summer 1941

Ch_04 Lt. Haigler Running for P-38

Ch_04 SSgt Joseph L. Fallon, 39th FS
Ch_04 Parker, Berry, Jones, Martin


Ch_05 Enlisted Mess Hall
Ch_05 1943 39th FS Encampment Area

Ch_05 Alert Shack, Schwimmer, Port Moresby

Ch_05 1943 39th FS Operation's Shack, Lockhart
Ch_05 1943 39th Bar Mural

Ch_05 1943 39th FS Officers Club, Lockhart

Ch_05 1943 Piggy Back in a P-38
Ch_05 1943 Sgt Roy Seher with P-38 #19

Ch_05 1944 1st Lt Lewis Lockhart, Gusap, NG

Ch_05 Major_Jack_Berry
Ch_06 1943 Pilots of the 39th FS, Schwimmer

Ch_06 1943 Seven Pilots at Alert Shack, 15 Mar43

Ch_06 1943 Capt. Charles S. Gallup-Art Bunyap
Ch_06_C_19440199-0002c-Restored-26-Termite Lumber Company

Ch_06 19440199 Restored-Sign, 39th Fighter Squadron

Ch_06 1943 Capt. Charles S. Gallup-Art Bunyap
Ch_06 1943 Suehr, Lane, Andrews, Sullivan, Lynch, Sparks

Ch_13 1944 1stLt. Jack Frost, 39th FS, Gusap, NG

Ch_06 1943 King, Lynch & Sullivan at Pilot Board
Ch_06 1943 Four Men Receive Awards

Ch_06 1943 Capt. Charles W. King, 39th FS

Ch_08 Lt._Dick_Bong
Ch_09 JackJones.jpg

Ch_06 1943 AC Forrest E. Lynn, San Antonio, TX, 1943

1944 Four Pilots, 1 Dog on Tent Porch
1944 Typical 39th FS Gusap Home

1944 Three Pilots Sitting Under Tent

Ch_13_ 1944 P-47s in Flight over New Guinea
Ch_13 1944 Honeycutt, Fallon-Modena VI, Nadzab, NG

Ch_13 1944 Restored 39th FS Encampment Area, Nadzab

Ch_14 1943 9 Pilots at Nadzab
Ch_14_1944 #41

Ch_14_1944 Ramu River Defense Line

Ch_14 1944 6 Pilots Standing Near Shack
Ch_14 1944 39th FS with Japanese Script, Hollandia

Ch_14_B_19440300-Control Tower

1944 Anderson, Denton Rinsing Clothes
Ch_16 1942 2nd Lt. Walter O. Beane with His P-38

19430700-C-Olga Randolph, American Red Cross

19430110-P-38s at Port Moresby
Frank Royal
1 Ch_04_19420000-2ndLt Francis R. Royal, CO-39th FS

19420000-2ndLt Frank R. Royal, Wing Tip
Captain George Morgan & 2nd Lt. Mary Scott
19410699b-2ndLt M.L. Scott, Camp Roberts

19421299-5001-Fitzgerald, Scott, and Knapp

19430820-Mankin, Mankin, Morgan, Scott
19421225-0041a-Scott, Morgan Sitting on Grass

Capt. and Mrs. George E. Morgan

19449999-5001-Mrs. A.M. Field, Nurses Dorm Mother
19410000-Sgt James W. Scott, 1941

19411200-LtCol Roy L. & Mary C. Scott

19450400-Jay L., Sr, and Stella E. Morgan, Memphis
19420000-2ndLt Frank R. Royal, Wing Tip

19430799-0002b-Morgan, Peregoy, Parkansky, Anderson

19439999-0007a-Sgt J.L. Morgan, 2ndLt G.E. Morgan with P-38
19440299-0004a-RwT-6-15 Pilots on Tent Porch

19450599-0007b-SSgt. Jay L. Morgan

19440728-P-47s in Flight over New Guinea

19431100-Morgan and Scott, Nurses Qtrs, 105th

19440100-Morgan, Scott near RR Station, Sydney, AUS 105th

All photographs were provided by Mary Morgan Martin, George Morgan, Jack Frost, Lew Lockhart, Fred Tobi, John Dunbar, Roy Seher and Frank Royal.