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Place your order now for the NEW Injury Slight DVD, coming in December! Orders placed by November 12, 2010 will be included in the first shipment. Public release date is December 21, 2010. Order now - $17.50 with FREE shipping to the continental U.S. All orders outside the continental U.S. please contact us via email for purchase information.

DVD includes the full-length film, 35-minute behind-the-scenes feature, director's commentary, and more!


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"You will love this thrilling, edge of your seat film!"
G.I. Film Festival
"Josh Baxter of Arion Pictures has produced a remarkable present a vivid account of a harrowing incident in the history of the P‑38 in the Pacific. Some of the images are so convincing that it is difficult to maintain a realistic distance from the action."
John Stanaway, Aviation Author and Historian
"The movie was not just entertaining, it had me on the edge of my seat...a riveting experience!"
Ken Tilley, Lt Col, USAF, Air Force Historian
"Injury Slight has captured everyone's heart."
Malinda Herr-Chambliss, Hot Springs Documentary Film Institute
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